Peer Review

Second transnational meeting of the Peer Review for EQAVET project’s partnership in Paris

The second transnational meeting of the partnership of the European project Peer Review for EQAVET is being held in the next few days in Paris, France (4-5 April 2013).

During the meeting, the representatives from France, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece, are going to discuss the so far activities of the partnership concerning the progress of the project along with the further developments.

It should be mentioned that the European Community Network of Peers is now up and working. The Community is an online database, specifically designed for the purposes of the project by the coordinator (DIMITRA), and it is the main vehicle for the dissemination of the project. The Community aims to create a network of Peers, either already trained in previous Peer Review projects or new ones. The registrations of the Peers can be submitted to the following website

The Peers should hold expertise in teaching and learning, in quality assurance and development, and in the Quality Areas under scrutiny. Those can be people belonging to the following categories: adult educators, managers, academics, executives of education and employment centers and institutes, etc.