Peer Review

Upcoming meeting and project’s development

The Peer Review project partnership is happy to welcome the new partners to the project. We strongly feel that the new partners will benefit the project’s evolvement with their experience and expertise on quality assurance and development in vocational education and training. With the new entries, the project will enter its second year with a new and refreshed vision.

The project’s partnership has successfully adapted the Peer Review Manual and Tool-box, according to the specific national requirements of each country. Moreover, several types of training have been developed within the project activities covering all the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for Peers, Peer Review Trainers and Facilitators. This training will be implemented during a transnational meeting in October. The three-day workshop will take place in Greece and all organizations will participate and will be trained in the developed methodology. Afterwards, each organization will organize similar pilot trainings in their respective countries where anyone willing to be trained can express interest and participate.

Therefore, experts in any European Quality Area are welcome to participate in the “Peers training” workshop and become a Peer while Vocational Education Institutions can get familiar to this new method and participate in the pilot implementation that will be organized in 5 countries and in 5 different languages.

All participants and everyone interested in the project can visit the Peer Review web-site, learn more about the project and follow its progress.