Peer Review

2nd year of the project - Testing of Peer Review

The Peer Review for EQAVET partnership is glad to have successfully finished the first year of the project and entering the second. Many things have been achieved during that time and despite all the difficulties and obstacles, the partnership has managed to deliver effectively and timely all its responsibilities. Everyone is welcome to go back to the website’s previous posts and be reminded of the work that has been completed so far, such as the national analysis reports on the quality assurance systems of each country and the transfer of Peer Review methodology in national context.

The second year of the project marks the beginning of the pilot implementation of the Peer Review methodology in all participating countries. After the successfully completed “Training of Trainers” three days transnational workshop, the representatives from Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria, France, Poland and Greece refined their knowledge in this method of evaluation and are now ready to move on to the next step of the pilot which is the organization of Peers Training and Training of Peer Review facilitators workshops in their respective countries. The workshops will be implemented starting next week in all 5 countries and will be offered to groups of trainers, directors and managers of VET institutions, other relevant key decision makers and stakeholders, with previous experience in evaluation and quality assurance using alternative to "mainstream" vocational training approaches in order to enrich their knowledge of Peer Review and provide them with a series of tools.

We will keep you posted about the progress of the workshops which will be prepare the experts who will then run the Peer Review test in Continuous VET institutes. Stay tuned!