Peer Review

New experts of the Peer Review methodology

The partnership of the project is working on the transfer and further development of the peer review method in five countries: Greece, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden. An external group of experts, called Peers, is invited to assess the quality of different fields of a VET institution, such as the quality of education and training provision of individual departments or of the entire organisation.

In order to cover all the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for a successful implementation of a Peer Review, several types of training have been developed (for Peer Review Trainers, Peers and Facilitators).

The project’s partnership has successfully implemented the transnational training for peer review trainers, which was executed in October 2013 in Greece.

Afterwards, all Partners organizations organized similar pilot trainings in their respective countries. Pilot trainings for peers and for peer review facilitators are already executed in Poland (November 2013), France (December 2013), Sweden (December 2013) and Greece (January 2014).

If you are an expert in any of the European Quality Area and you want to be involved in this international cooperation, feel free to contact us!