Peer Review

New experts of the Peer Review methodology

The partnership of the project is working on the transfer and further development of the peer review method in five countries: Greece, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden. An external group of experts, called Peers, is invited to assess the quality of different fields of a VET institution, such as the quality of education and training provision of individual departments or of the entire organisation.

In order to cover all the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for a successful implementation of a Peer Review, several types of training have been developed (for Peer Review Trainers, Peers and Facilitators).

The project’s partnership has successfully implemented the transnational training for peer review trainers, which was executed in October 2013 in Greece.

Afterwards, all Partners organizations organized similar pilot trainings in their respective countries. Pilot trainings for peers and for peer review facilitators are already executed in Poland (November 2013), France (December 2013), Sweden (December 2013) and Greece (January 2014).

If you are an expert in any of the European Quality Area and you want to be involved in this international cooperation, feel free to contact us! 

2nd year of the project - Testing of Peer Review

The Peer Review for EQAVET partnership is glad to have successfully finished the first year of the project and entering the second. Many things have been achieved during that time and despite all the difficulties and obstacles, the partnership has managed to deliver effectively and timely all its responsibilities. Everyone is welcome to go back to the website’s previous posts and be reminded of the work that has been completed so far, such as the national analysis reports on the quality assurance systems of each country and the transfer of Peer Review methodology in national context.

The second year of the project marks the beginning of the pilot implementation of the Peer Review methodology in all participating countries. After the successfully completed “Training of Trainers” three days transnational workshop, the representatives from Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria, France, Poland and Greece refined their knowledge in this method of evaluation and are now ready to move on to the next step of the pilot which is the organization of Peers Training and Training of Peer Review facilitators workshops in their respective countries. The workshops will be implemented starting next week in all 5 countries and will be offered to groups of trainers, directors and managers of VET institutions, other relevant key decision makers and stakeholders, with previous experience in evaluation and quality assurance using alternative to "mainstream" vocational training approaches in order to enrich their knowledge of Peer Review and provide them with a series of tools.

We will keep you posted about the progress of the workshops which will be prepare the experts who will then run the Peer Review test in Continuous VET institutes. Stay tuned!

Upcoming meeting and project’s development

The Peer Review project partnership is happy to welcome the new partners to the project. We strongly feel that the new partners will benefit the project’s evolvement with their experience and expertise on quality assurance and development in vocational education and training. With the new entries, the project will enter its second year with a new and refreshed vision.

The project’s partnership has successfully adapted the Peer Review Manual and Tool-box, according to the specific national requirements of each country. Moreover, several types of training have been developed within the project activities covering all the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for Peers, Peer Review Trainers and Facilitators. This training will be implemented during a transnational meeting in October. The three-day workshop will take place in Greece and all organizations will participate and will be trained in the developed methodology. Afterwards, each organization will organize similar pilot trainings in their respective countries where anyone willing to be trained can express interest and participate.

Therefore, experts in any European Quality Area are welcome to participate in the “Peers training” workshop and become a Peer while Vocational Education Institutions can get familiar to this new method and participate in the pilot implementation that will be organized in 5 countries and in 5 different languages.

All participants and everyone interested in the project can visit the Peer Review web-site, learn more about the project and follow its progress.

Second transnational meeting of the Peer Review for EQAVET project’s partnership in Paris

The second transnational meeting of the partnership of the European project Peer Review for EQAVET is being held in the next few days in Paris, France (4-5 April 2013).

During the meeting, the representatives from France, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece, are going to discuss the so far activities of the partnership concerning the progress of the project along with the further developments.

It should be mentioned that the European Community Network of Peers is now up and working. The Community is an online database, specifically designed for the purposes of the project by the coordinator (DIMITRA), and it is the main vehicle for the dissemination of the project. The Community aims to create a network of Peers, either already trained in previous Peer Review projects or new ones. The registrations of the Peers can be submitted to the following website

The Peers should hold expertise in teaching and learning, in quality assurance and development, and in the Quality Areas under scrutiny. Those can be people belonging to the following categories: adult educators, managers, academics, executives of education and employment centers and institutes, etc.

The kick off meeting of the Peer Review for EQAVET project’s partnership was successfully completed in Larissa

The kick off meeting of the European project Peer Review for EQAVET, the coordinator of which is the Institute of training and development "DIMITRA", was completed with great success. The meeting took place at the premises of DIMITRA ITD in Larissa (Palaiologou 19) on 21-23 November 2012.

During the 3 days of the meeting, representatives from Austria, Sweden, Bulgaria, France, Poland and Greece planned the next stages of the project in order to implement, apply and adopt the method of Peer Review by quality assurance institutes in the field of education and training. It is worth noting that the project's official website, is already available, providing all the necessary information.

In parallel with the meeting, Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner director of the Austrian organization IMPULSE and European expert on the Peer Review methodology leaded an educational seminar for the partners. The concept and the importance of Peer Review method were thoroughly analyzed and comprehended.