Peer Review


These publications constitute a transfer and adaptation of the original edition to national situation, by a team of experts from six institutions in five European countries. The material has been tested during the pilot phase in 2012-2014 as part of the Peer Review for EQAVET / Facilitating a European Quality Assurance through Peer Review for VET, in Vocational Education and Training in five European countries (Greece, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria and France). The experience of the pilot was integrated in the transfer and development of methodological materials (Training Manual and Toolbox) in the national language of the project partners. Moreover, for the dissemination of the methodology, the development of an integrated programme of Training of Trainers and Facilitators along with the further development and enrichment of the initial training program for Peers was necessary.

We hope that the European Peer Review for EQAVET will meet our expectations and will be a useful and attractive tool for Quality Assurance for vocational education and training across Europe. Because we are committed to further improving the process of European Peer Review, your comments on this guide are valuable!