Peer Review


WP1 - Management
Activity plan sets out in full the operating framework for the partnership to ensure that the project is delivered effectively to meet its core aims and objectives.
ICT tool to be used among partners for internal and public communication on the project, the sharing of documents, financial and activity reports, information, pictures and video materials. Access to this part of the website will be restricted to partners only.
WP2 - Development and adaptation of Peer Review
The National Analysis is to demonstrate the progress of each partner country in relation to implementing systems for quality assurance in VET, with particular emphasis on integrating the Peer Review method in the national quality assurance systems.
The "National Peer Review Users guide" contains the experience gained from the pilots combine with national requirements which will be reflected in national analyses reports.
A national adaptation and translation of the Peer Training Program into national languages of the new countries.
WP3 - Development of training and awareness raising programmes
This is a training program, which is designed and implemented as a transnational workshop in English and aims to finalize training skills of the experts who will then be the expert trainers to contact the following training workshops in their own country.
Peer Facilitators are members of the staff of the assessed VET organization, with their core role to ensure that the channels of communication between the VET provider/institution and the Peer Team work effectively.
Development of Information and Awareness Raising Workshop in a national level, for key decision makers and stakeholders (in the national language of each participating country).
WP4 - Testing, Evaluation and Validation of Peer Review in the new countries
A transnational workshop where will participate minimum two (2) future Peers’ trainers per new country partner organization.
Five workshops (1 per new country) where will participate minimum twelve (12) peers per partner organization.
Five “Peer Review Facilitators” workshops (1 per new country) where will be trained as many as possible facilitators per partner country.
One pilot implementation of the adapted Peer Review method for each participating new country.
Includes 5 workshops (one in each new country) designed for decision makers and stakeholders (National and local authorities and decision makers, Directors of VET institutions, high level managers of VET institutions, peer Review facilitators, VET associations, Quality Assurance managers).
One recommendations report for all the pilot activities.
WP5 - Evaluation and Quality Assurance Plan
The Quality Assurance aims to describe the valuable factors which ensure the success of project’s results. It includes the theoretical quality framework, key factors, deliverables, templates and evaluation questionnaires for management meetings, pilot trainings and progress-final evaluation.
A report which evaluates the deliverables as compared to those planned, their quality, their short term and long term impact, and on the evaluation of the coordination and effectiveness of the consortium.
WP6 - Dissemination - Exploitation
Development of dissemination material (Dissemination Strategy, poster/leaflet, press releases and newsletters) to be used during the project.
Development of the project’s website in all new countries languages.
Development of a Booklet in which is mentioned the importance of Peer review and guide for Quality Assurance in all 5 languages (EL, SE, BG, FR, PL) of partnership’s countries.
Development of a data-base which is used as the major vehicle for exploitation and dissemination during and after the project.
It will take place in Greece and will present the final result of the project.