Peer Review

Rationale & Objectives

The need for relevance between European national systems of quality assurance in VET and the principles of the EQAVET has been noted in all the recent European policies and recommendations.

One particularly promising instrument of Quality Assurance (QA), which this project transfers, is Peer Review. Peer Review is a form of external evaluation with the aim to support the reviewed educational institution in its efforts for QA and continuing quality improvement.

The Peer Review for EQAVET project aims to transfer and further develop the above innovative and successful method of QA in VET in five ‘new countries’ (that have not participated in Peer Review transfer so far): Greece, Sweden, France, Bulgaria and Poland, and also act as a model for transferring Peer Review into national systems of QA for VET to new countries. The sixth partner, from Austria did the feasibility study and piloting before Peer Review become part of the national QA system QIBB (2009) and as the key expert in the sector will provide valuable contribution to the projects aims and objectives.

Several types of training will be developed within the project activities covering all the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for Peers, the experts required for conducting the Peer Review in VET. It will also train the "Peers’ Trainers" and "Peer Review Facilitators" as the key persons for organizing Peer Review (for 1st time at EU level).

It will develop and implement Awareness Raising Workshops, in national level, for key decision policy makers and relevant Stakeholders on how to transfer and adapt the Peer method into their national QA system.

It will develop a booklet for the importance of Peer Review and QA in VET that will be distributed to all the significant stakeholders.

Finally, it aims to develop a data base ‘European Community Network for Peers’ pool of Peers database including Peers from previous project and new peers accordingly to required sectors of expertise.

The Peer consortium consist by organizations from six European countries, that have been chosen according to the project’s aims and all of them have wide experience in vocational training and Quality Assurance. All of them work in daily basis in collaboration with other organizations (private & public) and Networks in local, national and European level, which will help the project effectiveness, results sustainability & creation of the foreseen national and EU network of Peers.

Besides the tangible outcomes (Feasibility studies, developed trainings, pilot Peer Reviews, Peer Review network), this project will focus on the promotion of a culture of continuing quality improvement in an atmosphere of openness and mutual trust that contributes to enhancing transparency and comparability in Europe.